A toolkit for enabling Engagement Experiments with Physiological Signals for Game Design in Unity

A physiological signals toolkit for making low-cost hardware accessible in the Unity3D game development environment so that designers of affective games can experiment with how engagement can be captured in their games. Rather than proposing a context-free way of measuring engagement, we enable designers to test how afford- able hardware could fit into the assessment of players’ states and progress in their particular game using a range of tools.

Supported devices:

  • Wild Divine Iom: skin conductance level (SCL), heart rate variability (HRV)
  • Empatica E3/E4: blood volume pulse (BVP), skin conductance level (SCL), inter-beat intervals (IBI), and temperature.
  • e-Health sensor Arduino platform: oximeter for heart rate, skin conductance level (SCL), electrocardiogram (ECG), airflow and respiration rate.
  • Mindwave by NeuroSky: EEG signal data in eight frequency bands from delta to high gamma as well as a heart rate signal.

Unity package:

  • version 0.1 (defunct)
  • version 0.2

For inquiries, please contact: stefan . rank (AT) drexel . edu